Meeting the Kids

Here’s a video from our first meeting with the kids in Ethiopia. Now that Ben has passed we can share it publicly. Such a sweet moment.



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8 responses to “Meeting the Kids

  • drtlgrover

    Amazing grace on the journey ahead! May God be glorified every step of the way. . . tlg

  • mzcgmcb

    The smile on Beniam’s face…….priceless. God bless your family!

  • Donna

    That’s incredibly sweet. And seeing them at your first meeting compared to them both now, you can see that their confidence has grown. They are feeling your love for sure. Thank you for sharing.

  • Melissa Inge

    Oh my! The tears are rolling! Such a sweet moment! God Bless you and your family of 7!

  • Prissy Wilson

    Oh, how precious. I’m blubbering. I met Jen when she was a few years older than Beniam. My heart swells with pride and joy, but not surprise, that she has been called as Remy’s and Ben’s mom. Haven’t met you, Brandon, or your biological children yet, but the love that exudes from these virtual pages and the account of what has transpired in Jen’s life since the last time I’ve seen her, tells me that the work of God is ever present in the Hatmaker home, in all of His ways. Praying that Beniam’s homecoming is as sweet and that your story will keep being told over and over again. Just too sweet for whole world not to know.

  • Cindy Barron

    The love portrayed in this video fills my heart and soul. God’s presence is evident. Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing!

  • Carmen D.

    You have me crying all over again. So glad I could see it since we weren’t there to witness it first hand.

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