Human Trafficking: Taking Action

I was thinking today about how excited I am to be a part of a church who has a heart for the underdog. I’m so thankful to partner with those who feel indignation when they see injustice. And I’m proud that we’re willing to move beyond education and awareness to making personal and collective sacrifices to do something about it.

Austin New Church has two major objectives in our near future regarding the prevention of Human Trafficking as it merges with our continued advocacy for the orphan: (1) Opening an Austin area safe house for aged out orphan girls and (2) working with our partners at Help End Local Poverty (H.E.L.P.) in Haiti to build homes there to do the same.

While contemplating our next moves I ran across this BLOG post from Chris Marlow, Founder of H.E.L.P., and I was reminded how important these tasks are. He writes:

My heart is truly broken.

I’ve just read multiple articles on human trafficking in Haiti. Some kids are being sold for $1.20.

What the … Okay, that’s kind of how I feel. ANGRY.

I love the kids of Haiti. I love Haiti. I truly believe that most Haitians are amazing people who are trying to do good, live, serve each other and survive.

I also believe that kids cannot be vulnerable. This is why we rescue orphans! They can’t be on their own, they need a community to watch over them, love them, protect them and ensure that they are safe.

Next week, HELP will lead a team of abolitionists from Austin New Church, The River Conference, Soma Austin and NewSong Church.( FYI: These churches and organizations are AMAZING and on mission.) Our goal is to pray, listen, learn and determine how we can fight trafficking in Haiti and care for orphans.

After reading article after article, after article, my heart is broken and my motivation is high.

In Isaiah, God gets upset at his people, because his people worship without serving the poor and the oppressed. God calls them to SEEK justice and CORRECT oppression! God calls His people to action. God calls His people to respond. God calls His people to Go.

To read the entire POST click HERE or to find out more on the efforts of H.E.L.P. click HERE.


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