Leadership is Lacking

In their most recent Zondervan/Leadership Network book entitled “Exponential“, Dave & Jon Ferguson gave a list of Twelve Indicators that Leadership is Lacking. I think it’s a great list that requires some serious introspection. So I thought I’d share. Hope they prove to be helpful:

  1. I wait for someone to tell me what to do rather than taking the initiative myself.
  2. I spend too much time talking about how things should be different.
  3. I blame the context, surroundings, or other people for my current situation.
  4. I am more concerned about being cool or accepted than doing the right thing.
  5. I seek consensus rather than casting vision for a preferable future.
  6. I am not taking any significant risks.
  7. I accept the status quo as the way it’s always been and always will be.
  8. I start protecting my reputation instead of opening myself up to opposition.
  9. I procrastinate to avoid making a tough call.
  10. I talk to others about the problem rather than taking it to the person responsible.
  11. I don’t feel like my butt is on the line for anything significant.
  12. I ask for way too many opinions before taking action.

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5 responses to “Leadership is Lacking

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  • ctygrett

    thanks for posting this list Brandon. Sad to say I saw myself in so many of them, and I think the challenge is when we go through a season of leadership where we end up exemplifying one of the 12 you listed and have no clue how we got there. It’s why I really feel like the greatest weakness you can have in leadership is the lack of attentiveness, both personally and organizationally.

    Thanks again!


    • Brandon Hatmaker

      Good word. Often a leaders most valuable asset is being self-aware. Something that doesn’t come intuitively to most of us. I read a book not long ago by the Arbinger Institute called “leadership and self-deception”… Really eye opening. Starts basic and seemingly predictable yet builds on itself to be quite insightful.

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  • Craig Montroy


    This may be a little off the topic of your blog but not totally. I have been keeping up with you guys since reading Jen’s book Interrupted. I love what you are doing in Austin. We recently took a group of about 50 (we average around 650) through David Platt’s book Radical. We are also meeting together in prayer to seek God’s face and just talk about what He is saying to us.

    It seems that Mentoring (we could call it discipleship) is a key area. Most of this group in interested in “hands on, on the front lines, in the trenches” ministry and missions. In a similar experience that Jen shared in her book, many are feeling that the church in general and we in particular are far from the true Gospel.

    Words like radical should not have to be used to simply describe the Gospel, but it does get our attention and help us to re-focus. I am working to put together mentoring material that is strongly Gospel focused but not just something we are going to do in a classroom. Rather than “on the job” we could call it “on the front line” training. Is there something that you are using with your church or would recommend? This will be for new believers as well as those we hope will step into the journey.

    Craig M. Montroy

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