Constantly Encouraged

I’m so thankful for the constant encouragement and partnership Jen and I get from people who share a similar vision for the church. There is truly a stirring in the church to make a difference where a difference is really needed. From simple acts of kindness, to the development of significant sustainable ministries, to the heart of Kingdom minded effort. I’m encouraged. And the Gospel is central.

Here’s an email I got today. It reminds me how far a simple word of partnership can encourage, and how I need to write more of them myself:


Hi my name is Dallas Jackson and I’m here in Yorba Linda California. I am
the College and Young Adult pastor and Faith Community Church of the
Nazarene. I came across you and your wife’s series “Interrupted”. I love it
and I purchased the series and began to show my guys and girls and they
loved it. Anyways, I was hoping with your permission to collect and send
you 100 pairs of shoes to support you guys when you are giving out shoes. I
hope to continue to do that in our community, but I want to show that we
are all in this together to build the Kingdom of God!

Blessing to you and your family and ministries.

Thanks Dallas, for your partnership and your heart. I pray God blesses your efforts beyond anything you can imagine.


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