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Encouragement from “AND” for Austin New Church

Last week in Orlando at the Exponential Church Planters Conference a new book was released in the Exponential Series by Zondervan called “AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church“. In it, authors Hugh Halter and Matt Smay (Tangible Kingdom) wrote some incredibly encouraging words about Austin New Church that I feel really captures our heart and hope for mission. I just thought I’d share with those of you of the ANC community:

“ANC, like Adullam, found that if you try to start a church or grow a church, you often attract people who just want to do “church things”; but if you start with a mission, God will draw people together and a church will happen naturally. ANC isn’t a church that does mission; it’s a mission that has become a church, and the people who now do church together clearly acknowledge that this new way of living is a better ecclesial rhythm than simply adding a church gathering at the end of every week. Again, what brings meaning to your gathering is how well you scatter. Jesus gave us the key to helping people find meaning when he said, “Whoever want to save their life will lose it” (Mark 8:35 TNIV). Corporately, it’s the same. If we want people to find meaning in our church gatherings, we must help them to gather for the purposes and people outside the gatherings.”

Thanks again, Hugh and Matt, for the encouragement.


Ministry in Ethiopia

Thanks ANC for allowing me the honor of representing you with our partner the Eden Projects in Africa. Amazing example of a holistic model of ministry. Who’d have thought that every tree planted has a face and a name?

“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.” – Proverbs 21:13

They say when you leave Africa, you leave a little piece of your self there. One of the many reasons Ethiopia stole my heart: The Children.