Tony Morgan – Are you really the leader?

Great post from Tony Morgan on Positional Leadership in the Church Today. Completely worth the read. To read the whole thing click HERE. In the meantime, here’s just a glimpse:

The days are behind us for those situations when someone gets out of line and the head-honcho just takes their subordinate out to the woodshed for a reminder of who’s the boss. Leadership is no longer a title on a business card. (Do people still carry those things?)

Leadership looks a lot different these days.

-It doesn’t necessarily reside in the corner office.
-It’s something that’s earned rather than bestowed.
-It rarely tells people what to do, but rather asks how can I serve?
-It can’t be bought, because most people ultimately care very little about the money.
-It’s focused more on the mission than the tasks.
-It’s concerned more about fostering influence instead of wielding power.
-It recognizes the next new idea will come from someone else.
-It doesn’t necessarily require words


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